Thin Space Ministries, LLC has officially agreed to partner with The Center for Spiritual Formation, Inc. located in Pennsylvania as the location of the Kentucky cohort for the Spiritual Direction certification program. The Center for Spiritual Formation offers a two-year program which meets monthly, typically on the second weekend, except during the month of July. The Kentucky cohort will meet at Anam Cara Retreat located in Corinth, KY and connect with our faculty presenters via Zoom. For additional information, please click on the banner below or visit The Center For Spiritual Formation website: https://centerformation.org/about-us/spiritual-direction/.

“Centered on Jesus, focused on grace and spiritual growth.”


Year One focuses on the history, traditions & models, Biblical roots and theological foundations of Spiritual Direction. It stresses the differences between psychological counseling and Spiritual Direction, and demonstrating a contemplative approach to God.

Year Two focuses on the actual practice of Spiritual Direction: developing listening and assessment skills; becoming familiar with displacement and projection; transference and counter-transference; acquiring a working knowledge of the life-stages of faith development; cultivating an increased awareness of the power of prayer and healing; and learning the importance of supervision.