Calling, Confession, & Conviction

I’ve had lots of different careers throughout my life. I was, believe it or not, a telephone operator back when there were still switchboards. Then, as I worked my way through college, I worked in a couple of factories that were pretty rough around the edges. I’ve been a registered nurse, community health educator, music teacher, P.E. teacher, and elementary classroom teacher. I became a pastor in 2010 and by 2017 had gone back to school and completed a Doctorate degree in Ministry. I know, it sounds like I’ve been a professional student, and, truth be told, you’re probably right.

As I turned 60 this year, I thought about all the prayers for healing I had lifted on behalf of myself and for others and came to the realization that if I wanted God to do His part, I needed to do my part. Since I’m a student by nature, I began exploring what it meant for me to, in the words of Oswald Chambers, “give my utmost for His highest glory.” 

I had heard about essential oils over the years, but only by individuals who seemed more committed to sales than to transformation. God gave time for the seed to germinate and in September of 2018 I met my enroller, Michelle Hancock. Her passion for what Young Living Essential Oils had done for her life caused me to lean in a bit closer and I found myself making the decision to give Young Living’s products a try. 


As I studied the basics, how essential oils are used by our bodies and the Young Living commitment to a therapeutic grade product, my interest continued to peak. And then something marvelous happened—I began to sleep better, feel better, and made some good friends in the process. 

The Young Living Essential Oil lifestyle meshed well with my belief in a healing God whose original purpose is for us to live without illness. It makes sense that God would also provide for His purpose by creating the plants necessary for good health! My faith and healthy eating/cleaning/living meshed together like the strands of DNA that carry our unique genetic information. 

I jumped into YLEO with both feet and am now committed to helping others discover what I see as both a responsibility to ourselves, those we love and a commitment to do all that we possibly can to care for the bodies God gave us. Bad stuff happens. It’s inevitable in this broken world. We can, however, live strong, healthy, joy-centered lives that give us the best possible chance of living life to its fullness. The tools are waiting for us—for you! Join me and millions of others on a journey of transformation!