An invitation to our Fasting Community

September 06, 2018

    Dear Friends, I would like to invite you to the Thin Space Ministries Fasting Community ( We are a small group of people committed to setting one day aside each week to fast from whatever may be separating us from a more intimate relationship with God. Each Thursday evening, members of the community receive a small devotion, including a piece of scripture, a brief insight, and a prayer. Anyone so desiring may also share special insights from their time of fasting on the Thin Space Ministries Fasting Community Facebook page ( There are no definitive rules. What happens during your fasting time is between you and God. We committed to forming this community so that we can support each other’s fasts and, when needed, lift each other in prayer. If this is a spiritual practice that tugs at your heart, click on the first link and register. When I receive your request, I will add you to the mailing list for next Thursday’s devotion. Blessings as you seek to abide in Christ as Christ abides in us.