Wildflowers & Wildlife

05 May, 2012

The woodland flowers are blooming. My new mission is to find a book on Kentucky wild flowers, as well as edible and medicinal plants.  I've found onion down by the stream, and I'm sure there are many other edibles once I learn to identify them.

 The deck isn't built yet, but I love to sit in the kitchen with the windows open and have a cup of tea.  The birds remind me that even when the sky is gray there is a reason to sing!

There's a sound out here late at night that I haven't identified yet.  It's nothing I've ever heard before.  The "song" starts on a G, hums for about 3 seconds and then moves to an A, humming this pitch for 3 seconds, and then the song then repeats.  Angels maybe?

It is absolutely beautiful here at Anam Cara.  I'm learning to sit with the quiet of the place.  It's been more of a struggle than I thought it would be.  What was unsettling at first, the coyotes howling at night and the lack of "people" sounds, is slowly becoming a part of my regular rhythm.  It's a good lesson.