We're Getting There

26 April, 2013

The bid to do the backyard landscaping was a bit, shall we say, extravagant.  We have another landscaper coming out to give us a bid in the morning, and I'm hoping it's within our price range.  I'm so ready to get it finished!  Our son, Jason, and a friend, Rusty Williams, came last weekend to help cut down part of our "wall of cedar".  A tree trimming company, Asplundh, was out this evening chipping all the branches we cut down and tomorrow Jason will be back with Mark, both armed with chainsaws, to tackle more of the cedars.    The descent sized trees are being cut into 6-8" stumps which will be used to line the path of our labyrinth on the south lawn.  The chips from the brush will fill the labyrinth path, so I'm feeling pretty good about our attempt to reuse the resources God has given us. 

While the guys are doing their chain saw thing tomorrow I'm going to make a giant compass with a rope and stake.  After tying knots along the rope to coincide with the different concentric circles that will make up the labyrinth, I'll use a can of white spray paint to  make a temporary outline of the labyrinth so we have an idea of its general layout.  The last Saturday in May, the confirmation class from Lawrenceburg UMC is coming here for a work mission day  with Lee Ann Williams to help us actually build the labyrinth.  I can't wait!  Once the labyrinth and back landscaping are done I'll hold a huge open house for the churches in the area from all denominations as well as people within the United Methodist Conference in Kentucky.  Hopefully, it will generate some activity for the coming year!