There's Nothing Like a Good Bird Dog

27 October,2017

When my dad said "I love to hear my girls sing," he wasn't talking about his three daughters. It was an expression he used for his hunting dogs and the joy he derived from hearing them bellow as they ran through the woods, hot on the trail of small game. Of course, any bird dog owner will also tell you there is an equal sense of joy in seeing their favorite bird dog go on point, a silent indicator that pheasant may be on the menu for dinner.

Today, I would like to give a shout-out to another favorite local business that isn't about bellowing or pointing, but it is named for one of my favorite breeds of pooches, Bird Dogs Coffee on 101 W. Seminary Street in downtown Owenton, Kentucky. Bird Dogs is definitely more than just coffee. It's space for good conversation with good friends and a meeting space for new friends. It's sandwiches and salads, seasonal soups, and darn good sweet treats.

Bird Dogs' biggest asset is the couple who own and operate this cafe, Kasey and Randy Towles. No matter who you are or where you are from, their hearts for authentic hospitality will draw you in like an old friend. They also just happen to have merchandise for the rest of you who may love dogs as much as my dad. 

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