Jesus Sighting!

05 October, 2017


Jesus has been sighted at Anam Cara, twice! While doing some landscape work in the back yard, I noticed what at first appeared to be nature's way of eroding one of the stumps left from our first cedar harvest; either that, or the clever work of termites. My mistaken hypothesis was due to looking at the stump from the wrong perspective. As I shifted my position, the squiggles became letters and the letters, I realized, spelled "JESUS."

It wasn't long before I spotted "JESUS" a second time.

It seems we have had a mystery carver share lodging with us at some time! I love that I don't know who our carver is or when it happened. I love that our cedar stumps now have a purpose, declaring the Name above all names! There may be more "JESUS" stumps around the edge of our woods or maybe there are just these two. What it made me realize, however, is that it's worth checking our perspective from time to time just in case we are missing seeing Jesus right in front of our nose!