Another Year. Another Opportunity.

01 January, 2018

A flip of a calendar page and we turn our attention to changes we would like to make, predominantly in the area of personal improvement. A new year is, after all, another opportunity to start over, to begin again. It’s a safe bet to say that the majority of people focus on fitness goals: weight loss, weight gain, cardiovascular and strength training. I wonder how many of us would be willing, along with fitness goals, to put as much focus on relationship goals? What if we began this new year of 2018 with plans to invest in others as much as we invest in ourselves?

Our investment in others might begin by listening twice as often as we speak; and when we speak, to look at the one to whom we are speaking as if we are looking in a mirror, just to make sure we are addressing them the way we would want to be addressed. None of that will come naturally unless we are also spending more time talking to God as our Sovereign Creator and Redeemer. Of course, if we listen twice as much as we speak to each other, it’s probably not a bad idea to have that same disposition with God, to care enough to listen to the desires of God’s heart rather than focusing only  on our wish lists. Our disposition of listening may be through reading what has been preserved for us in scripture along with moments of solitude when we can separate ourselves from the world’s distractions. Read scripture knowing that God is already present and has only been waiting for you to show up. You will be amazed what your eyes see and your ears hear.

If you are looking for a 1-year bible reading plan, there’s a wonderful chronological plan that lays out the books of the Bible, as much as possible, in historical order. It can be found at: If you would rather have a paper copy, send me an email at and I’ll send you a pdf of the same plan. Read not to meet a goal this year, but to fall deeper in love with the One who created you for relationship. Whatever your goals may be for 2018, I pray that a part of that plan draws you closer to fulfilling the Greatest Commandment to love God, and to love others as you love yourself.