A Thin Space

29 August, 2017

Welcome to Thin Space Ministries. Celtic theology believes that there are "thin spaces" wherever heaven and earth are so close they almost touch. At Thin Space Ministries, we believe that place is available, not as a piece of real-estate, but as a disposition of being in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. In other words, a "thin space" is a relationship that is grounded in a relationship with our Triune God. Sometimes we need time and a place away from our chaotic schedules in order to quiet ourselves enough to find that "thin space." Thin Space Ministries offers that opportunity at Anam Cara Retreat. As our cover photo states, we are dedicated to offering journeyers a place to listen to the heart beat of God. Schedule a time for yourself or your leadership team to listen for the heartbeat of God and rediscover your "thin space" not as a place, but as a relationship.