Life Throws Us Curves

County Road 845 in Owen County, Kentucky, affectionately known as "Snake Hill" to local folks, rightly inherited its moniker. It slithers around a ridge forming snake-like twists and turns with a wall of rock on one side and a steep valley drop-off on the other. Folks at the top or bottom of Snake Hill may see each other coming, but once you are on one of the turns it's best to go slow and hang to the outside. There is no telling who may be coming around the bend. Besides, if one drives slowly, Snake Hill provides a beautiful vista, even in winter.

Life generally feels much the same: sharp twists and turns, unexpected encounters, moments of beauty, and moments when we seem to be on the edge of being thrown into deep valleys. Whether we enjoy the journey or not depends on how we take the turns. We know the twists and turns will come. We know we won't always get to see what's just around the corner. If we slow down, however, we may find unexpected beauty with each curve. Even an unanticipated obstacle or close encounter may give us time to pause and notice something miraculous that we might otherwise have missed. 

Love all. Worship One.