It all started when…

Several years ago, I read a couple of books on Celtic theology: Listening For the Heartbeat of God by J. Philip Newell and Anam Cara by John O'Donohue. I became intrigued with the notion of "thin spaces" from Celtic theology, places where heaven and earth are so close they almost touch.

After walking the Fortner Ridge property nestled in a bend of Eagle Creek, Mark and I both agreed that this felt like a "thin space." We purchased the property in 2011, named it Anam Cara, and began to dream about sharing our "thin space" with others. By the end of January 2012, our home and retreat space were finished and in April of that same year we received our first guests.


We have always called our Fortner Ridge property Anam Cara based on the Gaelic for "soul friend" because I wanted our home to be a place of hospitality and healing. At the time, however, I didn't know the broader definition of Anam Cara as a friend on the journey who can guide you to listening for the heartbeat of God through spiritual direction. I count that serendipitous naming as God’s prophetic affirmation of the ministry that would continue to unfold here. Today, Thin Space Ministries is a non-profit Limited Liability Corporation with a singular mission and vision, but an ever- expanding menu of options to experience transformation through spiritual direction, retreats, and small group coaching.

While we deeply feel that Anam Cara on Fortner Ridge is a "thin space," my hope is that during your time here you will discover the "thin space" in your heart that comes from abiding in Christ and allowing Christ to abide in you. Along with hospitality, when you come to stay at Anam Cara you will always find a "soul friend" waiting to join you on the journey. May God refresh your heart for love and your hands for service!